Developing our skills to inform clearly

When we are writing it is sometimes a good idea to use dot points to make reading the information a little easier for the reader.

When you use dot points you start your dot points with a colon which looks like :

Reasons to use dot points:
– easier to read and understand
– quick and to the point

Our task today is to make a poster about AFL9s using dot points, images, page colours and page borders to show the rules of game and where people can go to get more information.

Check out these examples to give you an idea of what you can do.

When you have finished your poster save it to the folder on the S drive at school called ‘bullet posters’ so we can display them on the blog and share your work.

Transition Time!

For the remainder of term 4 grade 5 and 2 students are visiting the new POD they will be moving on to in 2013.

Every Monday afternoon, grade 5 students head up to POD 3, while grade 2 students head up to POD 2.

In 2013 POD 2 will be the home of around 25 new faces and will wave goodbye to 20 students. It looks like it might be a busier POD in 2013!

So far we have been participating in a few ‘get to know you’ activities, singing, visual literacy work, learning new I.C.T skills such as how to use the desktop computers and netbooks as well as how to make cool interactive posters using Glogster!

YPCC students, how has your transition journey gone so far? Have you made any new friends?

We’d also love to hear if anyone around the globe has been through a transition process at school and has some advice for our grade 2 an 5 students.

Image taken from:

Cottage by the Sea

Next Tuesday, the 30th of October, seven students from POD 2 are heading off to Cottage by the Sea for a four day camp with Mr Mac, Miss Doherty and Mr Bone.

Cottage by the Sea is in Queenscliff, Victoria and is (strangely enough) located by the ocean.

Students attending the camp participate in a variety of fun activities such as surfing, bike riding and visit a number of the local tourist attractions.

Pod 2 students; feel like sharing to our blog readers?
What activities have you done when you’ve been on past camps to Cottage by the Sea?

Applications Open!

Pod 2 teachers are seeking eight students to become writers for the Pod 2 blog.

Students must enjoy writing, enjoy I.C.T, be a good leader and a team player.

The application must include:

1. an opening sentence saying what you’re applying for
2. a list of your I.C.T strengths (what you’re good at on the computer)
3. a list of your leadership skills (how you can lead and work well as a team)
4. one sentence explaining why you want to be on the blogging team
5. sign or write your name at the bottom of the page.

Your application can be printed or hand written.

Please remember to check your spelling and punctuation; if you’re unsure, get a friend to check it!!

Hand your application to Laura or a home group teacher by the end of school next Monday (29th October).

*** Please note that applications have now closed.
Congratulations to Melina, Harmony, Britney, Chloe Calder and Kimmy making the blogging team.
Watch this space for upcoming student blogs.

Drum and Percussion Workshop

On Friday the 12th October, students in POD 1 and 2 were lucky enough to attend a Drum and Percussion workshop in the school gymnasium.

John from ‘Planet Rhythm’  brought drums in from all over the world and  allowed both students and teachers to take part in a unique and memorable hands on experience.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and finger tap and vocal drumming was heard around the pod for the remainder of the day.

Thanks Jane!

Drum and Percussion Workshop on PhotoPeach

Glogging along to share our learning

In term 3 the students in POD 2 spent a few weeks finding out about different aspects of Australia. We looked at the history of Australia through the ‘First Australians’ and ‘Bad men’, Australian science, Australia at the Olympics and Australian young inventors through the Lego Robotics team.

Each student spent a little time getting a ‘taste’ for each area and then chose an area of passion for learning. To share their learning students created Glogsters.

Glogsters are interactive web based posters that can include text, images and video. They can be personalised and are pretty funky.

Check out some of the great work completed by our students.
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Welcome to Yuille Park CC’s Pod 2 Blog

Welcome to Pod 2’s class blog. Our goal is to continue to make the student’s living and learning a positive experience.

We hope this blog will be a place were grade 3, 4 and 5 students are able to share their discoveries, ask new questions and share work with other members of their school, families and the world.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and hope that you share your comments and questions with us.