Transition Time!

For the remainder of term 4 grade 5 and 2 students are visiting the new POD they will be moving on to in 2013.

Every Monday afternoon, grade 5 students head up to POD 3, while grade 2 students head up to POD 2.

In 2013 POD 2 will be the home of around 25 new faces and will wave goodbye to 20 students. It looks like it might be a busier POD in 2013!

So far we have been participating in a few ‘get to know you’ activities, singing, visual literacy work, learning new I.C.T skills such as how to use the desktop computers and netbooks as well as how to make cool interactive posters using Glogster!

YPCC students, how has your transition journey gone so far? Have you made any new friends?

We’d also love to hear if anyone around the globe has been through a transition process at school and has some advice for our grade 2 an 5 students.

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