Bike Education

At Yuille Park Community College pod 2 students are split into 2 groups every Tuesday for sport. One group is lucky enough to do Bike ed. Bike Ed is where we learn about riding safely on bikes.

We have learnt:

  • you need to wear a helmet
  • you need to be a safe distance away from the bike in front of you
  • how to communicate with the people in front of you and behind you

Other rules are:

  • get off the bike before crossing the road
  • always keep your eyes on the track at all times
  • don’t be silly on the bikes

At the end of the year some teachers are organising a big bike ride for some pod 2 students.

Cottage by the Sea Camp

Nine students from Pod 2 at Yullie Park just got back from a camp at Cottage By the Sea in Queenscliff.  It went for 3 days. They went with Mr Mac and Laura and had lots of fun.

Some of the activities that they did were:

  • swimming
  • dancing/singing
  • bike riding
  •  went to a Chinese restaurant  for dinner
  • went to the Marina
  • went to the Museum

But the main reason we went on camp was to learn how to listen to our teachers, parents, and friends also how to work as a team.

In 2 weeks there will be a reward camp to Cottage by the Sea and seven people have already been chosen to attend.

Cottage by the Sea Camp on PhotoPeach

Human powered vehicles are go!

We are very proud to wish our RACV energy breakthrough students the best of luck as they will take on schools from across the state in the Energy Breakthrough challenge at Maryborough this coming weekend.

The kids have been training for most of the year, developing not only their fitness but also their team working, leadership and co-operation skills.

We have three teams entered with three human powered vehicles representing YPCC – Yuille Campus and Y2. Students will participate in both the primary and secondary events.

The weather forecast is for a hot weekend so we hope there is plenty of water to keep our team hydrated and ready to perform at their best.

We wish our teams good luck and look forward to a report written by the competing students in the coming weeks.

What happened to our map?

Hi everyone, You might have noticed that our list of blog visitors on the cluster map has disappeared! At last count we were up to 67 visitors which was pretty fantastic.
You would also have noticed that our URL has changed and because of this we had to reset our map.

It will be interesting to see how quickly we might get back to the 67 visitors and how many people will visit over the coming weeks and years.

The blog is continuing to grow and with our new team of leaders ready to begin taking on a greater responsibility for adding content to the blog it will be exciting to see what is added to the blog.

Remember blogging is like having a conversation. We really would love you to read, comment and share your thoughts on posts you see and perhaps send us some ideas for topics of posts you would like included in the blog.

Check out these great posters

Last week the students in POD 2 were given the challenge of creating a poster to show the rules and other information relating to the video of the new and exciting game, AFL 9s.

Most of our students made a great start with the task so I thought I’d share a few examples so you have an idea of what you can do. Congratulations to Warren, Chloe and Cory for having your work featured on the blog.

Chloe C

I’m looking forward to seeing the posters the rest of the POD creates.