Bike Education

At Yuille Park Community College pod 2 students are split into 2 groups every Tuesday for sport. One group is lucky enough to do Bike ed. Bike Ed is where we learn about riding safely on bikes.

We have learnt:

  • you need to wear a helmet
  • you need to be a safe distance away from the bike in front of you
  • how to communicate with the people in front of you and behind you

Other rules are:

  • get off the bike before crossing the road
  • always keep your eyes on the track at all times
  • don’t be silly on the bikes

At the end of the year some teachers are organising a big bike ride for some pod 2 students.

One thought on “Bike Education

  1. Congratulations to the POD 2 Blog team for writing your first posts. It was great to read about Bike Ed and to see you use some of the word processing skills you have learnt in your post.
    I am looking forward to sharing in all your learning here on the blog and to join in discussions with members of the POD about our learning.
    The bike ride at the end of the year sounds like great fun. I wonder where you could ride? Where would you like to ride to?

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