12 Days of Christmas – A transition activity

On Tuesday, December 11, students at our school participated in a whole day transition across our school.
Our Grade 2 students spent a day in POD 2, getting to know their new learning space, new teachers and new POD members for 2013.
We had a great day with students participating in a variety of activities throughout the day with the emphasis on getting to know each other, finding out a little about POD 2 and helping the new students and staff feel a little more comfortable about their move.

There was a great buzz in the POD with a feeling of excitement for 2013. It would be great to know what our students are looking forward to in 2013 as a member of POD 2. Please click on the comment button below and share your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – A transition activity

  1. It’s great! We are having the grade twos in Pod 2. We need to show a little bit of respect and be a leader. Its fun and the Soccer field the kids will be able to play on that and look after the chook shed. They will LOVE it. They are looking forward to this wonderful area we care about. They have the opportunity to do the kinds of things that the grade fives and fours.

  2. Hey Chloe, what a great comment! It has been inspiring watching the leadership shown by the Grade 3 & 4’s as they share ‘ what Pod 2 is all about’. I am really looking forward to learning with you all in Pod 2.

  3. Hi POD2!

    It looks like you guys all had a lot of fun in the lead up to Christmas. I hope you are having a great time during these holidays.

    Your blog is looking very impressive now, well done!

    Miss McMahon 🙂

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