52 kids and 9 teachers take over Queenscliff

So last week Pod 2 went on their annual new year camp to Cottage by the Sea.

Grade 4s and 5s left on Tuesday morning and Grade 3s followed a bit nervously but excitedly behind them Wednesday morning.

Most of the Grade 4s and 5s were lucky enough to have already visited Cottage by the Sea on earlier camps, but for many of the Grade 3s this was their first overnight stay there. In fact, for many of the Grade 3s it was their first time away from home for more than one night!! Our Grade 3s are so brave!!
The camp was a great opportunity for everyone in Pod 2 (teachers and kids) to get to know each other and many new friendships were formed. Lots of laughter could be heard echoing down the halls of the venue and the dining room from both kids, teachers and the friendly Cottage staff.

We were so lucky to have perfect beach weather too! Mr Mac said that this was the first Cottage by the Sea camp where we have been able to jump into the water twice! We all got a chance to go for a swim and improve our skills on the surfboard!

There was no time to sit and relax on camp: Night walks, walks, swimming, surfing, bike riding, a late night trivia session, trips to the Marine Discovery Centre, a surprise (that someone managed to find out about and tell everyone) sightseeing cruise around Port Phillip Bay to spot some seals and many, many, many more fun activities.

A big thanks to Cottage by the Sea staff Jenny, Brenton, Mark, Jess,Sean, Bill and Bob for all your help! We can’t wait to come back and see you all again soon! It sure will be one camp to beat!!!!

Cottage by the Sea on PhotoPeach

So Pod 2 kids, let our eager blog readers know; what was YOUR favourite activity on camp and why?

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