Korea – here we come!

In term 2 students at Yuille Park Community College will begin to learn about Korea with a cultural and language focus.
To get ourselves ready to get started here are some great fast facts about Korea.

We are looking forward to our Korean teacher, EJ, to being working with the students and teachers next term.

Fast facts about Korea
Image source: http://www.mapsofworld.com/pages/fast-facts/infographic-of-south-korea-fast-facts/

Tool-ing up for learning

Today in reading we spent some time exploring some of the tools and resources that are available to support our learning using our iPads.

We read books, recorded ourselves reading to check for fluency and expression, played ‘Spellamania’ and created videos to explain the definitions of new words using ‘Puppet Pals’.

Create a video to show you understand a word with Puppet Pals

We loved using the technology as a tool to help us develop our reading skills and strategies.

Alyssa created ‘word of the week’ videos using Puppet Pals to explain some new words she had come across in her reading.


At the end of the session we used the voice recording tool to record students reflections on using the iPads during the reading session. Listen to what the kids had to share here Ipad teflection 25 March 2013

Easter Tangrams

Today we got into the spirit and fun of Easter by making Easter tangrams!!

Our learning intention was simple; to create Easter shapes or objects out of a variety of different shapes such as: squares, hexagons, equilateral triangles, trapeziums, and diamonds and trace our creations into our Maths book as evidence of our learning.

The room was an absolute mess once we’d finished but boy we had some fun… ohh and learnt about all the different ways that we can see 2D shapes.


Easter Tangram on PhotoPeach

We’d love to know what you think of our Easter tangrams! What would you make if you had the opportunity to do this in your classroom?

Bike Education!

Each Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon Pod 2 students are lucky enough to take part in Bike Ed with Mr Bone.

In today’s class everyone had the chance to practice their skills at riding in formation, riding in and out of cones and keeping control over rough surfaces during an obstacle course and screen checking over their shoulders whilst riding.

The aim of each class is to improve the students riding confidence and to improve their knowledge of bike safety and road rules.

Today was extra special as we had 2 students who had never ridden a bike solo achieve their first unassisted ride and without the aid of training wheels. Well done!

Keep up the good work Pod 2 students and Mr Bone!

Web of Friendship

Today in circle time we created a ‘Web of Friendship’.

It started off with Mrs Parker giving a complement (said something nice) to a member of our class, she held one one end of a ball of wool and passed it on to the person that she gave a complement to. We then kept going until everyone in the class had given someone a compliment and had received a complement! By the end of the activity we had a huuuugeeeeee web with the ball of wool and 33 happy and smiling faces!

At the end of the lesson we spoke about how the ball of web and the pattern represents a ‘web of friendship’, that we are all connected and that if one person lets the team down, the whole web is broken.

When we give people complements we make people happy!

Fun at Lake Wendouree

Today a small group of our hardest workers and kindest students got to take a break and have a picnic lunch at the local lake.

Mrs S and Laura booked the YPCC buses and we took off to Lake Wendouree, relaxed under the shade of a tree while eating our lunch, ran a muck at the gigantic playground and fed the swans.

On the way home we were even treated to an ice cream. Thanks Mrs S!!

Boy, what a treat for simply doing our best at school  and being a good friend to our classmates!

Battle of the BANDS


Yuille Park Battle of the Bands – Friday March 22

There will be a Battle of the Bands (girls vs. boys) fundraiser to help the costs for Pod3 camps and excursion’s so they are not so expensive.
DATE: Friday 22nd March
TIME: 12-1pm
Sausage $1.50
Donuts $1.50
There will be face painting and live music.
$1.00 for 2 colours
$1.50 for 3 colours

Face Painting available –

And guess what the live music is free.

Mr. Whippy takes on the ice-cream battle

This week in one our math investigations we were challenged to find all possible combinations available from a different number of variables.

To get started we began the investigation by seeing if we could find all the possible ‘triple header’ ice-creams you could make with 3 flavours. Using mathematical strategies of prediction, making a model and/or draw a mathematical diagram , students chose to work individually or collaboratively to solve the problem. It was great to see the variety of strategies being used and to hear the powerful mathematical thinking happening throughout the lesson.

Now, in the past we might have left this lesson and move on to another topic, but as mathematicians often ask the ‘what if’ question we were introduced to Mr. Whippy and his desire to take out the competition with his ‘Quadruple header’ ice creams using four unique flavours.

This challenge saw our students begin to really think (I’m sure I I could hear all the brains working) and it was really powerful,to,see and hear a variety of mathematical strategies being used by our students. Making connections with the previous challenge; thinking about similar problems; looking for patterns – these strategies enabled almost every member of the investigation team find the solution.

We would love to hear about the strategies you used to solve this challenge. Please click on the ‘comment button’ and share how you solved the Mr. Whippy challenge.





Joining the Chorus

Today twenty excited students from Pod 2 and Pod 3 jumped in the buses with Mrs P and Laura and headed off to Ballarat Secondary College (East campus) to meet with with Joining the Chorus organisers and learn the dance moves to five brand new songs.

Everyone had a smile on their face and it turned out to be a great opportunity to catch up with a couple of past students who had moved on to Ballarat East Secondary College who were also at the session.

If you attended the excursion, I am sure that our readers would like to hear what you thought of the day! You might even want to give away the songs we’re dancing to this year…




Maths Cube Investigations!

For maths investigations we get to choose 1 of 3 different activities. One of the activities this week was all about investigating what shapes make a cube and what different net shapes can be made when the cube is flattened out.

The students found out that there are 11 different net shapes that can be made from a cube! Can you think of and draw all 11 different net shapes? Have a go!