The Graveyard Ghost

After reading The Graveyard Ghost on Ziptales Pod 2A students decided to design a graveyard monster and then we wrote our own stories about graveyards.

Check out some of our creepy and scary illustrations below.

The Graveyard Ghost story that we listened to was about a group of cub boys. One of the cub boys, Pete decided to take a shortcut through the cemetry to go home and his friend Joey wanted to go with him.

The boys heard a ‘clitter, clatter’ and they ran through the graveyard because they thought a graveyard monster was after them. Luckily they ran into Pete’s dad at the other side of the cemetry.

To find out what the ‘clitter clatter’ noise was, go to Ziptales and read the story for your self.
Click here to go to the link: Ziptales

Out of 5 stars we rate The Graveyard Ghost ***** (5/5).

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