Mr. Whippy takes on the ice-cream battle

This week in one our math investigations we were challenged to find all possible combinations available from a different number of variables.

To get started we began the investigation by seeing if we could find all the possible ‘triple header’ ice-creams you could make with 3 flavours. Using mathematical strategies of prediction, making a model and/or draw a mathematical diagram , students chose to work individually or collaboratively to solve the problem. It was great to see the variety of strategies being used and to hear the powerful mathematical thinking happening throughout the lesson.

Now, in the past we might have left this lesson and move on to another topic, but as mathematicians often ask the ‘what if’ question we were introduced to Mr. Whippy and his desire to take out the competition with his ‘Quadruple header’ ice creams using four unique flavours.

This challenge saw our students begin to really think (I’m sure I I could hear all the brains working) and it was really powerful,to,see and hear a variety of mathematical strategies being used by our students. Making connections with the previous challenge; thinking about similar problems; looking for patterns – these strategies enabled almost every member of the investigation team find the solution.

We would love to hear about the strategies you used to solve this challenge. Please click on the ‘comment button’ and share how you solved the Mr. Whippy challenge.





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