This week in Pod 2 our circle time focus is on finding solutions to problems.

When you have an important decision to make or a problem to solve, this three step process can help:

In order to solve problems,or make plans or a decision, you must stop long enough to think about what you are about to do.

Once you stop, you have the time to think so that you can make the best choice. What should you think about? The ABC’s of responsible behavior. That is:
A. What are my ALTERNATIVES or choices? B. What is the BEHAVIOR that I will choose? C. What might be the CONSEQUENCES of the action I am about to take?

Once you decide on your best choice, you can act upon it. Remember you are responsible for what you do.

We also found a great activity looking at feelings:

Interpreting data

This week a new group of Pod 2 kids investigated chance by playing the beetle game.
We had conversations about how mathematicians like to gather data (information) and one way to represent this data is to use a ‘stem and leaf’ plot.
Now, it’s all very well to say and do these things …BUT it’s really important to understand the data represented and how to interpret it.
To build our skills of interpreting data we visited the BBC math site and took on some of the challenges available. The result… Kids engaged and wanting to stay inside and do math instead of going to play. This makes this teacher :). Well done, Gang!





Red for MS

On Friday our school turned RED! We were raising money for MS and our very own Mr. Guest is going to be running next weekend in the colour run to raise even more money.
Congratulations to all who made the effort and to those who donated, even of they forgot to dress up.
Good luck Mr. Guest.







ICT Skills Challenge is ON!

Writing Challenge

GET Excited!!! The ICT challenge has been set!

Your task:

Click on the link above.

Follow the instructions to complete a Word doc. letting your teachers and those at home know all about your achievements at school so far this year.

You will use features of Word such as:

aligning, centring text, adding headings, text wrapping and many more.

Get started and boast away!!

Bugs, beetles and mathematical moments

This week in Maths investigations we played the ‘beetle game’. The kids really enjoyed the challenges of the game and were able to talk about how ‘chance’ and the ‘roll of the dice’ impacted on the game.

This is what the kids said they learned and liked in maths this week:

I liked the beetle song and I learnt to count with a tally. Aliria

I liked playing the beetle game and I learnt to draw a stem and leaf plot. Lily

I liked working with a partner and working together and having fun playing the game. I learnt the beetle song and that you don’t always roll a six when you want to. Courtney

I liked the beetle game and I learnt a new song and I learnt a new game. Alyssa

I like to play the beetle game and I learnt the stem and leaf graph. Jayden O

I liked learning about the beetle game because if was fun. Jordan

I liked the beetle song and I learnt about making a tally. Calvin


Active After School Care Basketball

Monday’s after school mean Active After School Care and this term that means BASKETBALL.

Mr Grills organised for a man called Josh from the Ballarat Miners to come to YPCC and teach us some basketball skills such as dribbling. Last night we were practicing our left and right handed dribbling and learning about what all the different lines on a basketball court mean.

Mr Grills has also organised YPCC basketball teams to play in competitions on a Thursday night. Basketball training on a Monday night helps us to get ready and improve our school!

If you are part of the Monday Basketball team we’d love to know how you’re going and what you enjoy the most!


“Together we can move mountains”

Ever heard of that saying??

I think it has something to do with cooperation…but what does that mean??

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it sound like?

At YPCC we can’t work well together unless we cooperate with one another and when we do, we can achieve anything!

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