Active After School Care Basketball

Monday’s after school mean Active After School Care and this term that means BASKETBALL.

Mr Grills organised for a man called Josh from the Ballarat Miners to come to YPCC and teach us some basketball skills such as dribbling. Last night we were practicing our left and right handed dribbling and learning about what all the different lines on a basketball court mean.

Mr Grills has also organised YPCC basketball teams to play in competitions on a Thursday night. Basketball training on a Monday night helps us to get ready and improve our school!

If you are part of the Monday Basketball team we’d love to know how you’re going and what you enjoy the most!


One thought on “Active After School Care Basketball

  1. Wow…how lucky we are here at YPCC!
    Active after school care looks like a great way to learn new skills. Thanks Mr. Grills for your efforts in organising all the teachers who come along and help all our kids.

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