Michael Jordan – Ethan

Michael Jordan


 My name is Ethan. When I grow up I want to be just like Michael Jordan.  I really look up to him. He is my favourite player. I have been doing a lot of work on Michael Jordan. The projects that Tim and I have been learning about are his life and his hobbies.


We also have been doing a math’s project where we shoot from the free throw line 10 times over 10 rounds. Then we graphed our results. I beat my helper Tim easily! We have been watching couple of videos too. We have  been seeing Michael Jordan slam dunk. I did a movie review on Space Jam. So that’s what I been learning about.

I’ve added some pictures of my work.

Earth Ed at Mount Clear!

Yesterday Pod2 A, and Pod2 B last week, were lucky enough to visit Mount Clear Secondary and participate in the Earth Education program. After taking part in science each week this term at school, we were able to use our skills to learn more about what lies beneath our feet! The morning session focused on the earth’s surface, rocks and the types of erosion and weathering that takes place. In the afternoon we had a great time learning about fossils and discovered all about Dinosaurs!

See if you can answer the quiz in the Photopeach below

Earth Ed on PhotoPeach

Jemimah, Jordon and Calvin get hands on with rocks

The students listen closely about the different types of products that are made using the earths materials.

After a scavenger hunt the class performed experiments to work out the names and properties of a number of different rocks.

Here the students search for dinosaur bones.

Simile or methaphor

The last few weeks we have begun to explore poetry and have been creating concrete/shape poems. We began by brainstorming words relating to our shapes and writing descriptive sentences relating the shape.
Writers often try to paint a picture by using similies and metaphors. The following clips and games will help us explore what simiies and metaphors are and then the challenge is to be able to identify these and to use these in our own writing to paint our pictures.

Simile and metaphors in songs – can you find them?

Simile and metaphors by The Bazzillions

See also ‘Fling the teacher’ in the poetry links

Pod 2 Swimming

Learning to swim is an important life skill that we take very seriously at Yuille Park Community College.

Every Monday throughout term 2, pod 2 students have been lucky enough to have swimming lessons at our local indoor pool (YMCA).

This program presents a unique opportunity for students to develop skills and share experiences in aquatic education and each week students have a go at something new and exciting and leaves the pool happy and proud of their efforts.

Our very last swimming lesson for the term will be next Monday (24th June).

The YMCA also after school programs that may interest you. Please see this link for more information:

Newspaper Shapes

This week in Maths we’ve been exploring 3D shapes that we have around us.
-played games on Bitesize Maths to learn about 3D shapes and their elements
-in groups, made 3D shapes out of newspapers
-learned the difference between a prism and a pyramid
-made posters about our 3D shape that list their vertices, edges, faces and where we see them in real life.

We’ve had a great week and we’ve learnt so much about shapes!

We’ve started Yoga in Pod 2

Image taken from http://coolkidsyogadotorg.wordpress.com/

We kids have busy, crazy lives surrounded by technology and exciting things to keep us entertained like Basketball, Badminton, football, XBoxes and computers.

Each week we Pod 2A kids get to play yoga games, practise poses and and breathing skills to help us feel more relaxed, focused and help us build on our confidence and be more aware of our feelings.

We’ve all had fun and most of us have noticed that we’ve been calmer and more focused once we’ve returned to the Pod!