Earth Ed at Mount Clear!

Yesterday Pod2 A, and Pod2 B last week, were lucky enough to visit Mount Clear Secondary and participate in the Earth Education program. After taking part in science each week this term at school, we were able to use our skills to learn more about what lies beneath our feet! The morning session focused on the earth’s surface, rocks and the types of erosion and weathering that takes place. In the afternoon we had a great time learning about fossils and discovered all about Dinosaurs!

See if you can answer the quiz in the Photopeach below

Earth Ed on PhotoPeach

Jemimah, Jordon and Calvin get hands on with rocks

The students listen closely about the different types of products that are made using the earths materials.

After a scavenger hunt the class performed experiments to work out the names and properties of a number of different rocks.

Here the students search for dinosaur bones.

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