Sovereign Hill

On Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd of July all the grade 5s went to Sovereign Hill

On the first day we went to the dress up school and we dressed up like what it was like in the 1850s. We had to wear a dress, apron, a weird jacket and old shoes.   First we went and Ma’am showed us around the streets of Sovereign Hill. I liked the main street the best because it had the Bakery and lolly shop.

Then we went to see the olden day school- St Alipius.  It was made out of wood  logs and canvas. We had old fashion desks that held ink and quills and we had to learn our sixteen times tables and it was really hard.

On Tuesday, we went back to Sovereign Hill. We went to a gold mining show where a man showed us how they melt gold. It was awesome and I got to hold it. It was really heavy, warm and solid. Then we went gold panning and I found a couple of specks.

By Paige





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