Giants at YPCC

Today we had two giants visit Pod 2….

Strangely enough they weren’t the kind that live up the top of beanstalks, they were the kind that are really, really tall (like all giants), run around a basketball court, bounce a basketball and shoot hoops.

Pod 2A was lucky enough to spend some time with these giants: Matt Hanson and Keenya Young.
They had a quick chat with us about how they got into basketball as a sport when they were younger and all the things they do (like healthy eating and sleeping a lot) to keep them at their best game.

Then they played some fun basketball training games with us.

What a GREAT way to start the morning.

A big thanks to Mr Grills and Mr Guest for organising the morning and Matt Hanson and Keenya Young for coming to our school and playing with us!

Matt Hanson

Keena Young

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