Literacy Week

Today at YPCC we celebrated Literacy Week by having a Book Day.

Kids from Pod 1, 2 and 3 mixed together and worked in teams to read new books and do exciting art activities.

The Books and activities in Pod 2 were:
The Yellow Dress‘ by Michelle Worthington -colouring in pretty tops and dresses

Lighting Jack‘ by Glenda Millard -moving horses withs split pins

The Pros and Cons of being a Frog‘ by Sue DeGennaro -used numbers to draw and create frogs.

What a great way to celebrate good, new books!

I can do it!!!

This week in Pod 2 it is “I CAN DO IT” Week.

Sometimes we think that we can’t  do something when really we can.

This week is all about realising everything we CAN do and CELEBRATING it!

What can you do that is worth celebrating?

Let’s all make a goal!!
Think of something that you really wish you could improve on or do. Next week we’ll check back on to see how we’ve all gone towards achieving it.

Division rules – what I learnt today

I was successful on mathletics today doing the divisibility rules tasks. I used Google to search for divisibility rules.

I found out that all even numbers are divisible by 2.

I found out that if you add up the digits in a number and that new number can be divided by 3 then it is divisible by 3.

For example: 316 = 3 + 1 + 6 = 10 so can you divide 10 by 3 with no remainder? The answer is NO, so 316 IS NOT divisble by 3.

lets try 912. So, 912 = 9 + 1 + 2 = 12 – can you divide 12 by 3. The answer is YES. So you can divide 914 by 3 and the answer is 304.

You can find the divisibility rules here.

By Tom and Trish


Health Day in Pod 2

Today in Pod 2 it is Health Day. We are learning how to look after ourselves and be healthy! Even the Life Ed van made a visit.

In the Life Ed van Paige said that they learnt about body parts and how to fix problems. They meet Harold the Giraffe, who got embarrassed because people had been reading his dairy. We all got a cool booklet teaching us about feelings and how to eat healthy.

Clair, the school nurse and Melissa taught us all about how to keep our teeth clean. They had these cool tablets that show you all the plaque on your teeth. Hayley and Brayden were walking around with pink lips and teeth for hours!

For lunch, we are all having a healthy sandwich that we are making ourselves. Our sandwiches have wholemeal bread, tomatoes, carrot, lettuce, cheese and ham. YUMMO!

If you learnt something new today we’d love to know! It could be about feelings, keeping your teeth clean, eating healthy or something else to do with health.

By Sharni and Laura

The First Fleet- The Voyage

Last week we put on our researcher hats and explored everything that was on board the eleven ships of the First Fleet.

We discovered that there were store ships (had provisions or supplies on board), convict ships and warships, that some people died on board while others were born!

This week we’re embarking (going on board) on the ships of the First Fleet and taking the voyage (trip) from England to Australia.

Some questions we hope to solve are:
-What route did they take?
-How long did it take?
-Why did they stop where they did?
-What did they do when they stopped?

These websites might help you find out some more interesting facts about the voyage – if you do discover anything we’d love for you to comment below.
A Convict Story- The Journey
First Fleet Fellowship – The Voyage
The First Fleet – A timeline of the voyage


Creative Writing Journal task – You are a convict on the First Fleet – write a journal of your time travelling onboard the First Fleet using descriptive language.



Remember to edit your writing:
– read it – does it make sense? Does it sound right?
– check spelling / punctuation – Does it look right?
– can you add anything to improve your writing?
– do you need to take anything out that does not need to be there?
– have you read your edited version to a friend?

Good luck.


Cooperation… People working together to achieve.

This week the team in Pod 2 have been discussing and exploring the word ‘COOPERATION‘.
We have discovered that we all cooperate in different ways throughout our day.
Through cooperation we have found that we learn new skills, make new friends and achieve great things with a smile on our face.

Keep up the great work Pod 2!

Numeracy Week

Wow, what a day Monday was!

Yesterday the whole of YPCC joined forces to participate in a number of fun maths activities.

There were over NINE hands on super fun activities to get out hands on and groups had kids from four to sixteen years old!

Pod 2 had three activities, an activity with the iPads were we got to run around, take photos and measure things, Prisec Maths day activities like Paddocks and a shapes activity where we had to make friends for a lonely monster out of all the different shapes we knew.

If you’re a YPCC student that spent Numeracy day in Pod 1 or 3 we’d love you to comment on the activities that you participated in!

The First Fleet- Setting sail

Since the very start of term 3 we have been learning about all things First Fleet.

This week we are looking into what was involved getting ready to SET SAIL.

We’ve found a letter, a list of provisions and a website with information on all of the eleven ships to help us.
Letter from convict overseer, Duncan Campbell
A list of provisions
A website with information on the eleven ships of the First Fleet

Comment any ‘wonderings’ or interesting discoveries below.

Capacity – sharing what we have discoverd

This week students in Pod 2 have been exploring CAPACITY.
We have ordered, compared, measured and solved a range of problems relating to capacity.
Today’s challenge is to explore a few online games and then comment on this post to share what you have learnt this week about capacity.

Check out the following links:
Taking measures
Maximum Capactity game – get as many Gorilla’s to the party on the top floor as possible. What do you need to be able to do to play this game?
Liquid measuring – HOODA maths
Can you fill it? CyberChase