Capacity – sharing what we have discoverd

This week students in Pod 2 have been exploring CAPACITY.
We have ordered, compared, measured and solved a range of problems relating to capacity.
Today’s challenge is to explore a few online games and then comment on this post to share what you have learnt this week about capacity.

Check out the following links:
Taking measures
Maximum Capactity game – get as many Gorilla’s to the party on the top floor as possible. What do you need to be able to do to play this game?
Liquid measuring – HOODA maths
Can you fill it? CyberChase

17 thoughts on “Capacity – sharing what we have discoverd

  1. I learnt how to fill a container in the ‘Fill me up game’. I had nine goes and used big cups and small cups. I filled it to capacity.

  2. I have learnt that capacity means how much you can fit in a space. I liked it because it was fun. I also learnt that there is 250 ml in a cup.

  3. This week I have learnt about capacity using bottles and water. I learnt words like millilitres and litres. I also played a computer game which taught me about capacity.

  4. In the Hooda maths capacity game – level eight [capacity]
    you have to try to get six litres and three litres from the jars. It was fun.

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