A day that we don on our favourite football team’s colours, be it AFL, NRL, Rugby Union or Soccer – to help raise money for children living with cancer.

We’re wearing our football team’s colours all day– jerseys, scarves and beanies, participating in a parade at assembly and a hot dog lunch.

Footy Colours Day on PhotoPeach

The First Fleet

In Literacy this term we have been learning about the First Fleet.

Over the past few weeks we have been thinking about how we can show our teachers, friends and family about what we have learnt and how we wanted to present.

Some of us chose:

  • Glogsters
  • Posters
  • iMovies or documentaries
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Drawings
  • iBooks

We all had lots of fun being able to present our work in a way that suited us and they way that we like to learn and loved sharing it with our teachers and families at the learning celebration.

See some of our Glogsters below.

Pod Learning Celebration

Last week we sent out invitations to our families inviting them into Pod 2 to see everything we have been learning over the term.

Today we had family members pouring into the Pod and the Pod was a buzz with chatter,laughter and excitement.

Students were able to tell their families about what we have been doing in circle time, maths, reading, literacy, dress up and do the Heel Toe Polka as well as recite our korean numbers dance for everyone.

We were then able to show our parents around the Pod and show them all our work.

Pod 2 teachers would like to thank all parents and carers who attended the afternoon. We are all very proud of our students and thank you for supporting your children. Together we make a good team!

Words and numbers

Over the last few weeks the kids in POD 2 have had a real focus on learning NEW words. Learning new words helps us to extend our vocabulary (the words we use) and helps us with our reading, writing and the way we communicate with others.

This week we played a few games to consolidate the meaning and synonyms for a range of words we have been focussing on. The game was great fun and we hope to have round two this week.

We also took on the role of architect’s and took on the challenge to create building scapes using a key and then drawing the front and side views. Working backwards from the views to develop the key was a bit tricky, but as you can tell by the images below all the kids were having a great attempt at solving the challenge. Keep up the great work!

How do you learn new words? What might be a fun way to help us learn? Share your ideas by clicking on the comment button. 🙂

Take the challenge

Challenge Number 1

Can you find a synonym (a word that means the same) for these words?

1. organise
2. prepare
3. proud
4. celebrate
5. invite

Click on the comment button and leave your synonyms as a reply. Remember to only write your first name and stay safe online.

Challenge number 2

The kids in POD 2 were planning a celebration of their learning to share with their families and carers. If every student had one parent or carer come along to the pod celebration –
1. How many chairs would we need for the parents/carers? and
2. How many chair legs would there be?

Click reply to leave your response. (PS – you will need to check on the POD numbers to help you solve this). Good luck!

Celebrating a good attitude

Wow!! What a day!!!
Today nine students from across Pod 2 were able to celebrate their achievements and attitude towards their learning throughout the term with an excursion to the Melton Wave pool and a nearby park!

We had two hours of swimming followed by an hour at a playground!!

Everyone had on gigantic (Makayla’s word choice) smiles and gave the day a big thumbs up.

Celebrations on PhotoPeach

Adrian: “It was awesome and fun!!!”
Ebony: “My favourite part were the big waves!!”
Liarna: “It was awesome!!”
Jayden: “It was the best day of my life!”

Teach me to tell the time

Today in our Math investigation your challenge is to use the TimeMonster site to explore telling the time and then report back what you have found out.

Our learning intention today is to be able to tell the time to the quarter hour so…quarter past, half past and quarter to. You have 20 minutes to explore this site and then you task is to click on the comment button and share with the Pod what you have learnt about telling the time.

Good luck.

Time Monsters - take the challenge

Time Monsters – take the challenge