Take the challenge

Challenge Number 1

Can you find a synonym (a word that means the same) for these words?

1. organise
2. prepare
3. proud
4. celebrate
5. invite

Click on the comment button and leave your synonyms as a reply. Remember to only write your first name and stay safe online.

Challenge number 2

The kids in POD 2 were planning a celebration of their learning to share with their families and carers. If every student had one parent or carer come along to the pod celebration –
1. How many chairs would we need for the parents/carers? and
2. How many chair legs would there be?

Click reply to leave your response. (PS – you will need to check on the POD numbers to help you solve this). Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Take the challenge

  1. organise-put things in a straight pile
    prepare-ready to do something
    proud-feeling good about something
    celebrate-for some one’s Birthday
    invite-invite people

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