Pod Learning Celebration

Last week we sent out invitations to our families inviting them into Pod 2 to see everything we have been learning over the term.

Today we had family members pouring into the Pod and the Pod was a buzz with chatter,laughter and excitement.

Students were able to tell their families about what we have been doing in circle time, maths, reading, literacy, dress up and do the Heel Toe Polka as well as recite our korean numbers dance for everyone.

We were then able to show our parents around the Pod and show them all our work.

Pod 2 teachers would like to thank all parents and carers who attended the afternoon. We are all very proud of our students and thank you for supporting your children. Together we make a good team!

16 thoughts on “Pod Learning Celebration

  1. I enjoyed how everyone could make it to the party. The thing I enjoyed most was doing the Korean number dance in front of everyone that came and all my classmates. Thanks Nan, Corina and Kayla’s mum for coming!

  2. I enjoyed showing my mum my Glogster and my work that I have done this term. I was very nervous.My mum was proud of me and happy about my work. My mum was laughing about the movie, the Korean Dance and Heel Toe Polka.

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