Jet Setting to Russia

This week in Literacy we’re off to Russia!

Yesterday we walked into a section of the Pod to find it set out like an airplane.

We got out passports stamped, boarded the plane and were treated to some in-flight entertainment. The flight attendants (our teachers) provided us with food and beverages and we had to watch an in-flight safety video to make sure we knew what to do in the case of an emergency!

It was such a great, fun way to learn about what it is really like to board and be on an airplane!

This week we’re finding more out about St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow and the Russian Siberian Tiger, feel free to post a comment about any interesting facts that you discover!

Soft Drink Crate Challenge

Soft Drink Can – Challenge

This weeks students were given a challenge of solving the ‘Great Soft Can Crate’ problem.
After a slow start in solving the problem, these mathematicians began to work with strategies to solve the problem.

Using strategies of:
• Modeling with materials
• Trial and error
• Getting the rows right then working on the columns
• Moving the board around to see the problem from different views
Enabled the students to come up with a range of solutions to the ‘Soft Drink Crate’ Problem.

If you would like to share your solution copy this table and paste it into the comment box then place an ‘X’ in the ‘cell’ of the table to show where you would place the cans.




Remember to challenge was to find as many solutions you can for 8, 16, 12, and 10 cans.

If you would like to take on an extra challenge see if you can find a solution for 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22 and 24 cans.

Are there any that are impossible?

Airport Check…so now what?

Today the students in POD 2 packed their bags, checked their passports and began their travel adventure to China.

Throughout this week students have the opportunity to explore a range of resources both online, in texts and talking with people who have been to China to find out what they want to see, do and explore. Continue reading

China Abound

I hope that your passports are all organised and that you have your bags packed because today we’re off to CHINA!!

We will be flying into the International Airport which is in the capital city of China. Does anyone know what city that is?

I can’t wait to spend a week in China and answer all the questions to our ‘wonderings’!

If you find out any interesting facts about the country, post it in a comment below.
Have fun!!

Oh, this monkey might tell you some special facts….


Continents and Countries

At YPCC we often talk about different countries around the world but we might often get a little bit confused between the difference between a continent and a country.

See this YOUTUBE video to help you understand the difference. You might even want to comment and write a short definition for your friends and family.