Airport Check…so now what?

Today the students in POD 2 packed their bags, checked their passports and began their travel adventure to China.

Throughout this week students have the opportunity to explore a range of resources both online, in texts and talking with people who have been to China to find out what they want to see, do and explore.

Below are some links that might help you gather information about China. When you find something interesting to share click the ‘comment’ button and reply. Remember to write only your first name when commenting.

The Great Wall of China – interactive resource

The Great Wall of China – Image resource

Facts for kids – China

Ancient China for Kids

Time for Kids – China

Videos – Discovery Atlas

China – The Great Wall

Birthplace of kung Fu

Chinese architecture

The Bowmaker


One thought on “Airport Check…so now what?

  1. We’ve been looking at Chinese traditions and celebrations like Birthday’s and News Years!

    We’ve found out some amazing differences between Australia and China!

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