Jet Setting to Russia

This week in Literacy we’re off to Russia!

Yesterday we walked into a section of the Pod to find it set out like an airplane.

We got out passports stamped, boarded the plane and were treated to some in-flight entertainment. The flight attendants (our teachers) provided us with food and beverages and we had to watch an in-flight safety video to make sure we knew what to do in the case of an emergency!

It was such a great, fun way to learn about what it is really like to board and be on an airplane!

This week we’re finding more out about St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow and the Russian Siberian Tiger, feel free to post a comment about any interesting facts that you discover!

One thought on “Jet Setting to Russia

  1. I wonder if anyone can remember some of the safety procedures that we had to follow before we were able to ‘take off on our flight to Russia?’

    Hint… see if you can remember the steps we took in getting on the plane, in our seats and the video from the flight attendants?

    The first student to be able to correctly tell me 5 safety precautions taken to fly can come and see me for a reward! Trish

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