Bendigo and the Chinese Museum

Today a group from Pod 2 packed their luggage and boarded the YPCC buses to to visit the Chinese Museum in Bendigo to learn more about Chinese culture.

As soon as we arrived at the museum we saw a giant LOTUS flower! The tour guide told us that to the Chinese, Lotus flowers symbolise luck and prosperity.

When we walked into the Chinese museum we saw both ancient and modern chinese dragons that come out for the Bendigo Easter Parade. We learnt a lot about Chinese culture, beliefs and the history of Chinese people in Australia.

It was a great day!

Students who were lucky enough to come on the excursion, what was the best thing that you learnt and did today?



Walk Like an Egyptian

This week we have jet setted off to Egypt. A magnificent country in the north of Africa.

Egyptian history is very important and stretches back over 8000 years when the country was ruled by kings known as pharoahs. We can also thank the Ancient Egyptians for many inventions and discoveries…. I wonder if you can work out what they were.

This week we will be exploring Ancient Egypt; looking at the story behind the great Sphinx and how the Egyptians tried to preserve their important people though mummification (turning them into mummies).

In your own time feel free to explore Egypt (modern and ancient). The links on the ‘Around the World’ page might help you.

There is so much I would like to research about Egypt;
I wonder:

  • What their climate is like?
  • Do they play any kids of sports?
  • What transport do they have?

What you have wondered and discovered about this amazing country? Please share it with us!

Mumma Mia, We’re off to Italia!!

Benvenuti in Italia’, or as we know in English, Welcome to Italy!

We have landed in Rome, Italy’s beautiful capital city but there are many interesting places around Rome such as Venice.

During our week in Italy we will learning about ancient Italian sports and Leonardo di Vinci, a famous artist who painted the Mona Lisa.

But there is lots more to learn about Italy!!

In your own time you might like to find out more about the canals of Italy, the gondala rides and the rich history of the country.

Take a look at different landmarks such as the Colosseum. I’ve heard that Roman Gladiators once fought in this amazing structure AND held chariot races… I wonder who can find out what they are…?

To help you find out a bit more about Italy, jump on the Around the World page and click on a link!

Grazie and Addio’ (Thank you and Good bye)

Tae Kwon Do Performance – By Paige

On Tuesday the 12th of Nov 2013 a group of Korean kids gave us a Tae-Kwon-Do performance to show us what they have learnt over the years.

The performance started with a dance and the dance was amazing .It had Tae-kwon-do moves. They also had wood and they kicked the wood with their feet and punched it too.

All the Korean students were standing on each other making a triangle shape and the person on top held the wood then a person ran up and kicked it and broke it. They made loud noises it sounded weird like “Ahhh”.

It was awesome they did back-flips and all it was at YPPC gym.  Plus we had a photo with the students.


Paris, France – Parlez-vous Francais?


We are about to embark on our third week of travel on our ‘around the world‘ trip and will soon arrive in Paris, France.

The home of love, with some of the world’s most popular landmarks; the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, fashion and style, the cycle event: ‘Tour De France’, celebrations such as Bastille Day, delicacies such as Escargot (snails – YUK) and the language of French.

Check out the ‘Around The World’ page for other interesting and exciting links. Be sure to share your favourite fact/s about France and your journey so far. What has been the highlight of your trip and what are you looking forward to as we continue our amazing journey ‘around the world?

Feeling a little peckish? How about some ‘escargout’ to go?