Tae Kwon Do Performance – By Paige

On Tuesday the 12th of Nov 2013 a group of Korean kids gave us a Tae-Kwon-Do performance to show us what they have learnt over the years.

The performance started with a dance and the dance was amazing .It had Tae-kwon-do moves. They also had wood and they kicked the wood with their feet and punched it too.

All the Korean students were standing on each other making a triangle shape and the person on top held the wood then a person ran up and kicked it and broke it. They made loud noises it sounded weird like “Ahhh”.

It was awesome they did back-flips and all it was at YPPC gym.  Plus we had a photo with the students.


2 thoughts on “Tae Kwon Do Performance – By Paige

  1. It was an awesome performance, Paige. I really loved seeing the team work and discipline by all the students.
    I wonder how long they have to train to be able to do some of those moves?

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