Mumma Mia, We’re off to Italia!!

Benvenuti in Italia’, or as we know in English, Welcome to Italy!

We have landed in Rome, Italy’s beautiful capital city but there are many interesting places around Rome such as Venice.

During our week in Italy we will learning about ancient Italian sports and Leonardo di Vinci, a famous artist who painted the Mona Lisa.

But there is lots more to learn about Italy!!

In your own time you might like to find out more about the canals of Italy, the gondala rides and the rich history of the country.

Take a look at different landmarks such as the Colosseum. I’ve heard that Roman Gladiators once fought in this amazing structure AND held chariot races… I wonder who can find out what they are…?

To help you find out a bit more about Italy, jump on the Around the World page and click on a link!

Grazie and Addio’ (Thank you and Good bye)

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