Walk Like an Egyptian

This week we have jet setted off to Egypt. A magnificent country in the north of Africa.

Egyptian history is very important and stretches back over 8000 years when the country was ruled by kings known as pharoahs. We can also thank the Ancient Egyptians for many inventions and discoveries…. I wonder if you can work out what they were.

This week we will be exploring Ancient Egypt; looking at the story behind the great Sphinx and how the Egyptians tried to preserve their important people though mummification (turning them into mummies).

In your own time feel free to explore Egypt (modern and ancient). The links on the ‘Around the World’ page might help you.

There is so much I would like to research about Egypt;
I wonder:

  • What their climate is like?
  • Do they play any kids of sports?
  • What transport do they have?

What you have wondered and discovered about this amazing country? Please share it with us!

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