Bendigo and the Chinese Museum

Today a group from Pod 2 packed their luggage and boarded the YPCC buses to to visit the Chinese Museum in Bendigo to learn more about Chinese culture.

As soon as we arrived at the museum we saw a giant LOTUS flower! The tour guide told us that to the Chinese, Lotus flowers symbolise luck and prosperity.

When we walked into the Chinese museum we saw both ancient and modern chinese dragons that come out for the Bendigo Easter Parade. We learnt a lot about Chinese culture, beliefs and the history of Chinese people in Australia.

It was a great day!

Students who were lucky enough to come on the excursion, what was the best thing that you learnt and did today?



2 thoughts on “Bendigo and the Chinese Museum

  1. This subject that I have read and seen has been a benefit for my daughter as she has a Grandma who is Chinese and comes from Hong Kong and still lives over there with her other family members.

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