Is Sid viscious?

What makes you roar?

Today in literacy we began our ‘Hear me Roar’ unit by thinking a little about what makes each of us unique.
Thinking about each person we can look at the person on the outside, but then also on the inside. When you think about a person or character and what they are like on the inside it is called looking at their traits. So, what are Sid’s character traits?

Today we watched a clip from the movie, Toy Story, where Sid (Andy’s not so nice neighbour) wins Buzz and Woody in the claw game.

When you watch this clip what words come to your mind to describe Sid? Click to comment and tell us the words you would use to describe Sid’s character traits.

So, we’ve probably figured out that Sid wasn’t such a nice guy. Check out the clips below…what do you think are the traits shown by these well known characters?

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