The sorting hat

The sorting hat


I am respectful because I listen to my friends and the teachers when they speak.

I am helpful because I help the teachers clean up.

I am honest because if I get in trouble I tell the truth.

I am caring because if someone is angry I will ask him if he wanted to play with me.

I am nice because if someone is shy I will go play a game with them.


I am Austin.


The person I admire is Mr. Guest because he is fit and strong and funny. On the inside of him he is brave, nice, fit, kind, helpful, active, caring, clever and respectful.



24 thoughts on “The sorting hat

  1. Wow Austin, what a great person to look up to. I think you and Mr Guest are both very similar. You are also a great role model for our grade 3 and 4 students!

  2. I am a wiz at Minecraft. I have a good sense of humour and a
    great imagination!! I’m wild like an animal, bossy like a baboon and sometimes too serious. I am very, very cheeky. When I play Minecraft , I very competitive.

  3. Austin, wonderful work! I like that you have been able to tell us why you feel that you have those characteristics. Well done, we’re very proud of you.

  4. That is true sometimes, Austin but not all the time. You do go and ask therm if they want to play with them but that is great work, Austin.

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