Who am I?

We have been learning about what makes special. We watched Harry Potter and Sid from Toy Story to help us think about what people are like.

Today we did our own sorting hat.

This is what I am like on the inside:

Brave, smart, kind, chatter box, strong, fun, funny, friendly and courageous.

I made a wordle about me.
Tyler Gr 3

typing up my traits my wordle tyler's hat




4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Tyler that is Brilliant! You’re a champion at everything and you do so well and you’re a grade 3. I think you deserve 1000 out of a 1000!

  2. Tyler, that is fantastic! You are doing so well even though your only grade three. I think you deserve two thumbs up. I give you 10 stars out of ten because you deserve it.

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