We are all smart… but what type of smart are you???

This week we all took the Multiple Intelligence test to find out what type of smart we are and how we learn best. We found out that we are not all the same. Some of us are sport smart, music smart, some are word smart, picture smart and a few more. What type of smart are you? How do you know?

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14 thoughts on “We are all smart… but what type of smart are you???

    • HI Melina, we are learning about how we are Smart. I wonder how you are smart? Would you like to share with us? I hope you are having a great year and we miss you too.

  1. I liked doing the quiz and was a little surprised that my strongest ‘Smart’ was interpersonal rather than number smart. I think most teachers have ‘people smart’ skills and so that was a good thing to see. My number smarts help me to think about things in patterns so that help me when I have problems to solve and when I work with computers.

    It was great to see and hear the kids from POD 2 talking about how they were smart… how they were the same as some of their friends and different in other ways.

    I wonder how know the kinds of ‘smart’ we are might be able to help us with our learning at school and in life? What do you think?

  2. I have learnt that i am self smart i know that i am self smart because i like to work by my self and it is really quiet.

    My weakest strength is musical this smart includes singing, dancing and beats.

  3. I have learnt that I am BEST at music because I sing a lot and my favourite band is Justice Crew.

    My weakest strength is nature smart because I dont really care about it.

  4. I have learnt that I learn best with music.
    My favourite music is Eminem,
    Guy Sebastian and Bruno Mars.
    I like to listen to music while I work.

  5. I have learnt that I am self smart. This means that I learn best by working and reading on own. My weakest strength is verbal linguistic. This means that I am not so good at writing stories and reading.

  6. I have learnt that I am musical smart. This means I learn best by being able to keep time to the music. I can sing songs in my head. I can play three different instruments.

    My weakest strength is word smart . I don’t enjoy doing boggle or word searches. I can’t express my self by using large words. I’m very bad at spelling.

  7. I am music smart because we did a test to see what kind of smart you are. My second kind of smart it visual/spatial and my third kind of smart is verbal/linguistic.

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