Super Hero Naming Day

We’re only five weeks in to the new school year, yet we have already learnt so much, and shared so much about who we are as a person; our personality traits, our likes and dislikes as well as our real strengths as a learner (thanks to the Multiple Intelligence test).

With all of this new found knowledge it’s time for us get really creative and imagine our selves as a super hero, ready to save the world with our super learner strengths….

But really, first things first, what will your super hero name be??? What about your trusty sidekick’s???

I found these great graphics to help us get our name. Just remember- you must put your first name somewhere in your name…

Please, comment with your name below!



Need more inspiration?? Meet Melvin Beederman
A big thanks to Trupanion and Freeflys for such great graphics

8 thoughts on “Super Hero Naming Day

  1. My Super heros name is Metroman Calvin. His power is walking through flames. He walks on water. His weakness is chocolate because when he eats it he turns into water. I change the world with music.

    • Wow Metroman Calvin, you have some great super powers!! If you’re goal is to change the world with music do you have any super powers to help you do that?

  2. My super hero names is Stephanie the Great. Her weakness is smoke because smoke makes her very, very sick.Her super power is running so she can chase the bad guys. She also has the power to shoot lazers because she is very sporty. Her life goal is saving peoples lives and make more people like sport.

    • I wish Stephanie the Great was real!!! We need more people in this world that encourage people to be active, exercise and stay healthy! Well done Jasmin!

    • Hey Jasmin, I really love how your life goal as a superhero is to save people’s lives and become more healthy by playing sport. I wonder if you might become a doctor when you grow up?

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