What are the chances?

If you venture into Pod 2 during Maths time during the next couple of weeks, you might get slightly confused when you see us playing Banana Kong.

Now I can see you asking yourself “How does anyone learn anything from Banana Kong?” but the answer is quite simple- we’re looking at probability and graphing.

So far we’ve had some great discussions around the Mathematical terms impossible, unlikely, even chance, likely and certain. For example, we decided that it is certain that we will all get a go at playing Banana Kong this week and that it is unlikely that we will get over 1000 bananas if we play one game.

We’ve gathered our data – bananas collected and distance traveled by each student when playing the game and we’re going on to exploring the different ways we can display our data.

Wow, what a lot of learning in such a fun way!!
If you can think of an everyday event that is impossible, unlikely, has an even chance, is likely or certain we’d love for you to comment below!

4 thoughts on “What are the chances?

  1. Unfortunately, everyone was right today when they said that it is ‘impossible’ that I would turn into a unicorn.

  2. We got some great scores today in class.
    I wonder who will remember those 5 mathematical words we have used.
    Does anyone know what sound a unicorn makes?

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