Story Boarding


In ICT (Information Communication Technology) this week we didn’t use a computer…..

Yes, that’s right, no computers for ICT, no desktops, no netbooks, no iPads, no Ipods, the only bit of technology we had was a Finding Nemo movie clip, a piece of paper and a pencil.

Why? Because we are learning how to make movies and one of the first steps to making a movie is to make a storyboard (well that’s after you have an idea for a movie in the first place.

Can you explain why storyboarding is an important element of the movie making process?
Who uses them and what are important things to consider?

What’s cooking?

Today some students from POD 2 visited our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden to select some fresh produce and then headed to the kitchen.

Working together they created a lovely lunch – Baked Semolina with napoli sauce and a lovely fresh garden salad with lemon and mustard dressing.

This is what the kids had to say after cooking.
“I enjoyed making the salad and the dressing with Yasemin’ by Ella
“That lunch was AWESOME!” By Liam
“That lunch was delicious” by Jayden B
“It was really nice and the part I loved was making the salad…cutting the tomatoes and cucumber. I also liked cooking the eggs”. by Yasemin

What’s cooking today? on PhotoPeach

C-C-C Capacity

This week in Pod 2 we’re starting a new set of Maths rotations and Ms Doherty and Laura are focusing on capacity.

What is capacity you ask? Well consider this….

You’re really, really REALLY thristy….. what size drink would you like? Why?
drinks 2
You’re parents have to fill the car with petrol because it only has 3 litres left in the tank, how many more litres will fit in the tank?

Capacity is the amount of liquid that something can contain and without even knowing it,we think about it almost every single day. can you think of any other times when we might use capacity?

Check over on the right hand side under ‘Maths Links’ for some fun capacity games.

My paper plane taught me how to measure!

We’ve been learning all about measurement in Pod 2! How you ask? Through  paper planes of course!!!

We’ve made paper planes, used rulers to measure the length and width of our planes and explored measuring in the units of cms and mms.

THEN, we booked out the gym and had a paper plane flying competition.

The person whose plane flew the furtherest, and who could read the measurement was the WINNER!

Throughout the unit we’ve learnt and used and read the measurement units:

  • millimetres (mm)
  • centimetres (cm)
  • metres (m)
  • Kilometre (km) (this one was tricky, our planes didn’t quite go that far!)

We’ve also learnt how to measure accurately using rulers and measuring tapes

Who knew that you could have so much fun measuring??

paper planeruler

Photos borrowed off Google.

ICT in Pod 2

In ICT at the moment we’re learning all about camera angles and camera positions that film makers choose to use when they make movies.

Today we focused on four different angles:
Birds eye view – where the camera looks down on a scene
Close up – a really good close up of a characters face to get a good idea of how a character is feeling
Wide shot – Where you can see the character from head to toe along with the backdrop or setting
Back view – where you can see the back of a character as well as the view they can see in front of them.

We discussed a lot of other possible camera angles and were surprised to realise how many different camera angles that directors and camera people have to consider when they are filming a movie.

I found this example of different camera angles
photos eye view
What do you think your favourite camera angle is and why?


Today in science we explored polymers.

Polymers are long chains of molecules linked together in chains.

We made ‘human polymer chains’ and we could see how they link together.

We also made ‘crazy putty’ which was gooey and fun. If you would like to make this at home check out how to do it here.

Crazy Putty

What was your favourite experiment this week? Tell us why.

What’s all the fuss about science?

Did you ever wonder how they make fogg in movies?
Do you know how we grow?
Why are dogs noses wet?
How do rockets take off?

These are pretty big questions and to find the answers we need to be both investigators and scientists.

This term we have been having a little taste of a range of science experiments to help to get us thinking and asking question like a scientist would.

How strong is an egg?
How does liquid effect sugar?
What is a polymer?
What is a chemical reaction?

Check out the video below and comment about what you saw and what did it make you think about. What BIG science question do you have? Ask it here and see if a friend might help you find the answer.

Also, check out these cool science sites to see what you can find out. Share what you find interesting by commenting on this post.
Science Questions – is one of these yours?
Discovery Kids – Science questions and answers

Pod 2 Equine Program

Four lucky students from Pod 2 have been chosen to participate in an Equine Program which focuses on bonding with horses while working on regulating our emotions and behaviours.

Yesterday was the girls first session. They got to meet 4 horses- named Razzle Dazzle, Sally, January Jones and Maddi and form a bond by patting and grooming the horses. They also began their own special journal of everything they think, feel and understand while particpating in the progam.

The program continues every second week for the remainder of term 2.

Fingers crossed that throughout this period the girls can log on and let our Blog readers know a little bit more about their experiences.