Pod 2 Equine Program

Four lucky students from Pod 2 have been chosen to participate in an Equine Program which focuses on bonding with horses while working on regulating our emotions and behaviours.

Yesterday was the girls first session. They got to meet 4 horses- named Razzle Dazzle, Sally, January Jones and Maddi and form a bond by patting and grooming the horses. They also began their own special journal of everything they think, feel and understand while particpating in the progam.

The program continues every second week for the remainder of term 2.

Fingers crossed that throughout this period the girls can log on and let our Blog readers know a little bit more about their experiences.

One thought on “Pod 2 Equine Program

  1. I would love to hear what the girls have been doing in this program, what they have enjoyed, what was challenging so far and what they hope to do in the next few weeks. How about some pictures girls?

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