What’s all the fuss about science?

Did you ever wonder how they make fogg in movies?
Do you know how we grow?
Why are dogs noses wet?
How do rockets take off?

These are pretty big questions and to find the answers we need to be both investigators and scientists.

This term we have been having a little taste of a range of science experiments to help to get us thinking and asking question like a scientist would.

How strong is an egg?
How does liquid effect sugar?
What is a polymer?
What is a chemical reaction?

Check out the video below and comment about what you saw and what did it make you think about. What BIG science question do you have? Ask it here and see if a friend might help you find the answer.

Also, check out these cool science sites to see what you can find out. Share what you find interesting by commenting on this post.
Science Questions – is one of these yours?
Discovery Kids – Science questions and answers

One thought on “What’s all the fuss about science?

  1. Wow, that looks like fun. I wonder how that egg got in the bottle. I might have to sneak over to 2C’s area and have a look this week.

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