My paper plane taught me how to measure!

We’ve been learning all about measurement in Pod 2! How you ask? Through  paper planes of course!!!

We’ve made paper planes, used rulers to measure the length and width of our planes and explored measuring in the units of cms and mms.

THEN, we booked out the gym and had a paper plane flying competition.

The person whose plane flew the furtherest, and who could read the measurement was the WINNER!

Throughout the unit we’ve learnt and used and read the measurement units:

  • millimetres (mm)
  • centimetres (cm)
  • metres (m)
  • Kilometre (km) (this one was tricky, our planes didn’t quite go that far!)

We’ve also learnt how to measure accurately using rulers and measuring tapes

Who knew that you could have so much fun measuring??

paper planeruler

Photos borrowed off Google.

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