Lego Robotics

Last Friday a group of students from pod 2 and 3 at YPCC went to the Earth Education Centre to participate in a Lego Robotics competition.
We had a great time and versed lots of teams from other Ballarat schools.
We won some rounds and lost others but the battles were great.
We now know how to improve our robots so that they will more faster.
What did you think of the day?
Why should other students have a go at Lego Robotics?

Outdoor Ed Term 2!

Mount Buninyong

Throughout Term 2 a group of adventurous boys from Pod 2 took part in the YPCC Outdoor Ed program. The boys worked towards improving their teamwork and social skills, fitness levels and increasing their knowledge of camping, the environment and the outdoors. The boys worked extremely well on such activities as teamwork challenges, problem solving challenges, fitness activities at Victoria Park and around Lake Wendouree, setting up tents and pushing their limits rock climbing.
The final challenge for the term was to be completing a 3 day camp in the Grampians near Halls Gap, although due to the wild weather this has had to be postponed until term 3.

Well done to all the boys involved and keep up the great work next term!

Mr Guest


In Pod 2A we’re reading the BFG by Roald Dahl.

We’ve noticed that it has lots of interesting words as well as lots of new, made up words so we decided to make a list of some of the words and give them definitions. A bit like a special BFG dictionary!


Equine Learning Experience


On Thursday the 19th of June, Leila, Britney, Sarah, Emily, Sharni and Simone went to the Horse Equine Program.

We left at around 9:10am on the school bus. We arrived at the Equine Training Center and went to take photographs with all the different horses. Emily our instructor arrived with her horses Mia, Maddi, January Jones and Ruby. We then went up to the drier arena because the usual place we go was too muddy.

When we first got into the gate we did a grounding exercise where you breathe in and out slowly for four minutes, you think about how you feel, what you smell, and what you hear. After the grounding exercise we chose the horse that suited us best and that made us feel most comfortable.  After we chose our horse we patted them and felt what was the softest and hardest spot on their body.

Then we went inside and Sharni had a cappuccino and everyone else had a hot chocolate and sprinkle biscuits. After this we did an exercise with Emily where we broke up into teams and she wrote down different words on the board. We had to say whether the word was inner or outer. To finish off we walked around the wooden arena and we told the horses to stop and take three steps back without talking to them.

We all had a great day but it was rIMG_0861[1]IMG_0860[1]IMG_0860[1]


SEDA Visit Pod 2

Today we had the SEDA sport group visit Yuille Park.
Usually they spread themselves amongst the school, but not today! Today they ran sporting activities just for Pod 2 and the activities ran for almost the whole day!

First up was basketball with home group 2B. The group were able to participate in a number of activities to improve their dribbling, bouncing and shooting skills and everyone worked together and supported each other! True Sportspeople!

After playtime it was 2A’s turn. This time it was Soccer. Again, the home group participated in a number of Soccer activities to enhance their sporting and social skills and everyone had a red hot go and tried their best! Well done.

Lucky last was 2C who also got the opportunity to improve their sporting skills while having a laugh and a good time with their peers.

Pod 2- Did you participate in one of these sports? I am sure that our blog readers would like to hear from you to know what you thought of the day!! What was your favorite activity? Did you learn anything new?

Photo 13-06-14 12 14 02 PM (HDR)

Photo 13-06-14 12 29 20 PM