Equine Learning Experience


On Thursday the 19th of June, Leila, Britney, Sarah, Emily, Sharni and Simone went to the Horse Equine Program.

We left at around 9:10am on the school bus. We arrived at the Equine Training Center and went to take photographs with all the different horses. Emily our instructor arrived with her horses Mia, Maddi, January Jones and Ruby. We then went up to the drier arena because the usual place we go was too muddy.

When we first got into the gate we did a grounding exercise where you breathe in and out slowly for four minutes, you think about how you feel, what you smell, and what you hear. After the grounding exercise we chose the horse that suited us best and that made us feel most comfortable.  After we chose our horse we patted them and felt what was the softest and hardest spot on their body.

Then we went inside and Sharni had a cappuccino and everyone else had a hot chocolate and sprinkle biscuits. After this we did an exercise with Emily where we broke up into teams and she wrote down different words on the board. We had to say whether the word was inner or outer. To finish off we walked around the wooden arena and we told the horses to stop and take three steps back without talking to them.

We all had a great day but it was rIMG_0861[1]IMG_0860[1]IMG_0860[1]


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  1. 24.7.14
    Today the Equine girls went to equine with Simone. I liked Equine today because we got to make a obstacle to walk the horses around we got to ground one other. All the horses come up to Leila, Sharni and Sarah and I it was awesome fun.

    • That’s great Britney. It sounds like you’re really enjoying the Equine program. Are you using many of the things that you are learning outside of the program?

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