Lego Robotics

Last Friday a group of students from pod 2 and 3 at YPCC went to the Earth Education Centre to participate in a Lego Robotics competition.
We had a great time and versed lots of teams from other Ballarat schools.
We won some rounds and lost others but the battles were great.
We now know how to improve our robots so that they will more faster.
What did you think of the day?
Why should other students have a go at Lego Robotics?

8 thoughts on “Lego Robotics

  1. Some pod 2 and 3 students went to the Earth Ed Center to play some games on the soccer field. It was not human soccer but robot soccer. We played games at the center and other students played some games as well.
    You should have a go at Lego robotics because everyone gets a shot.

  2. My name is Dany. I am lucky because I was picked for Lego Robotics and other people missed out. Some people might think that Lego Robotics will be boring at the start but if you keep at it you will have lots of fun. The day was awesome!

  3. Q- What did you think of the day?
    A- Good.

    Q – Would you recommend Lego Robotics to other students?
    A- Because if you win you get a medal.
    It’s gold!

  4. I love lego robotics because it is very, very, very, very, very, very fun. It is good to be in with my friends.Try and get into Lego Robotics because I think you will just have a good time.

  5. It was fun on Friday. My team was called The Crushers because you will be crushed by our robot. I loved the day because we had fun playing the Robot Soccer. We defeated some of the other teams and we got to talk to some new people

  6. On Friday we went to the Earth Ed centre to participate in the Lego robotics competition. We played soccer with lego robots. It was really fun and nice to meet more people and I really enjoyed it!
    I think others would really enjoy it, I know I did. I think you should join lego robotics, it is an exciting experience for others.

    • Wow, Georgia… it must have been an exciting day! I really don’t know much about programming robots. Do you think you could teach me? Trish

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