What is it with words?

We have been looking at words…what is similar about them and what is different. We have been looking at patterns like when two letters make one sound…for example in the word ‘boat’ the ‘oa’ makes one sound. This can make reading a writing a bit tricky but the more we read and the more we write the better we are getting.
Come back and visit here soon to read some of our writing…we think you will be as proud as we are.

Tell us ‘what you notice about words’… we’d love to know.
word work  - sorting words

Outdoor Ed – The Importance Of Trees

National Tree Day

This week many students from YPCC travelled by bus to Windemere to take part in planting trees for National Tree Planting Day.
Being part of the Outdoor Ed team we spend a lot of time surrounded by trees, but what exactly do they do? They do more than simply make the environment look great!
Outdoor Ed team visit this website: http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/eco_info/topics/forests/index.cfm and answer the following questions:
1.What are the benefits of trees?
2. What is the main threat to our forests in Australia?
3. Name 2 interesting facts that you found on the Ecokids website.

Keep up the great work guys!

Lego Lego Lego

Every Tuesday afternoon the students are lucky enough to do ‘Electives’.

Electives is where every student is able to elect an activity that they would like to. Some of the activities to choose from are: Drawing, sewing. Mine Craft, Bike Ed, Sport and LEGO!!They then get to do that activity for at least 5 weeks before they change.

In Lego we have a group of about 10 people, we all get to make lego towers, cars, ship and anything else we are creative enough to make. It’s a great opportunity for us to be imaginative, to work with our peers and to really work on our spatial and social skills.

Keep your eyes on this post to see some photos of our amazing creations.
Lachlan “It is awesome”.
Kaleb ” It is fun and get to make lots of things”.

National Tree Planting Day

Today, a group of kids from Pod 2 went out to the old Windemere Primary School campus to plant trees for National Tree Planting day!

We had to dig the holes, plant the trees, put tree guards around them (so the rabbits and frost don’t get to them), then mulch them!

We saw lots of worm, grubs, spiders and even a goat!

It was a long day but it was lots of fun. Josh “It was the best day of my life”

Now here is a challenge: Who can tell our readers why it is important to have trees?

Outdoor Ed!

The boys!

During Term 2 the Outdoor Ed boys group has had lots of fantastic adventures. We had had the opportunity to take part in team building and fitness challenges, go rock climbing, climb up Mount Buninyong, team activities at Vic Park and many more.

For the boys in the group I have a few questions….
1. What has been the most enjoyable part of Outdoor Ed for you so far?
2. What has been the most challenging part of Outdoor Ed for you?

Keep up the great work boys!


Today in ICT Pod 2A used the iPads to brainstorm on an app. called Popplet.

We got into groups of three and chose our topic to brainstorm. Topics were: movies, Minecraft, songs, games, XBox 360 and birthday parties.

It was the first time that we have ever used Popplet and really enjoyed using it. We would give it 10/10 as a brainstorming tool because it’s more efficient than paper and pencil, if you make a mistake you just press back (you don’t have to cross it out and make your work messy) and it was just really easy to use and fun.

Pod 2B and 2C – have a wonderful time exploring Popplet and make sure you comment and let us know what topics you choose and what you think of the app.

The Trumpet of the Swan – the story so far by Liam

We are reading a lot of stories this term and are really enjoying thinking about them.

We have been looking at the pictures and why the illustrator makes them look the way the are and how the author uses different words to make their story interesting.

So far we have read a few books by Margaret Wild, including ‘Old Pig’ and ‘Tanglewood’. These were both pretty sad books.

We have also begun to read an really interesting book by and author named, E.B. White. The story is called, ‘The Trumpet of the Swan’ and he also wrote the book, ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Today we spent some time writing in our ‘Readers/Writers notebook’ about the story so far. Check out Liam’s writing and illustrations. Well done, Liam.

The trumpet of the swan
There were five cygnets and one of them was called Louis and he couldn’t talk like the others but he grew fast.
The mum and dad swans have very special names. The dad’s name is called a Cob and the mum’s name is a Swan.

Sam’s dad is named Mr Beaver.
Sam asked some questions like, ‘why does a fox bark?’ and ‘why do swans build a nest?’
Sam goes on a lot of adventures with his Dad on a plane.
The Cob stays in the water most of the time.
A fox wanted to eat the Swan but Sam save the Swan by throwing a stick at it!
The Cob is a real chatterbox!
The little boy, Sam, wrote in his journal everyday.
One of the little swans (cygnets) pulled on Sam’s shoelace.

Sam liked watching the trumpeter swans.

Sam liked watching the trumpeter swans.

Pod 2 Writing Hearts

Today students in Pod 2 created a writing heart to inspire our brains and give us writing ideas when we are not sure what to write about.

A writing heart is a love heart that you draw in a book or on a piece of paper then you put sub headings with what you like. For example pets, family, friends, sports, games and lots more.

We drew pictures to describe each of our subjects.

This was an experience that we really enjoyed and it will help us get writing at the start of term 3.

You could tell your teachers about this activity for school or even do it at home by yourself.

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