The Trumpet of the Swan – the story so far by Liam

We are reading a lot of stories this term and are really enjoying thinking about them.

We have been looking at the pictures and why the illustrator makes them look the way the are and how the author uses different words to make their story interesting.

So far we have read a few books by Margaret Wild, including ‘Old Pig’ and ‘Tanglewood’. These were both pretty sad books.

We have also begun to read an really interesting book by and author named, E.B. White. The story is called, ‘The Trumpet of the Swan’ and he also wrote the book, ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Today we spent some time writing in our ‘Readers/Writers notebook’ about the story so far. Check out Liam’s writing and illustrations. Well done, Liam.

The trumpet of the swan
There were five cygnets and one of them was called Louis and he couldn’t talk like the others but he grew fast.
The mum and dad swans have very special names. The dad’s name is called a Cob and the mum’s name is a Swan.

Sam’s dad is named Mr Beaver.
Sam asked some questions like, ‘why does a fox bark?’ and ‘why do swans build a nest?’
Sam goes on a lot of adventures with his Dad on a plane.
The Cob stays in the water most of the time.
A fox wanted to eat the Swan but Sam save the Swan by throwing a stick at it!
The Cob is a real chatterbox!
The little boy, Sam, wrote in his journal everyday.
One of the little swans (cygnets) pulled on Sam’s shoelace.

Sam liked watching the trumpeter swans.

Sam liked watching the trumpeter swans.

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