Outdoor Ed – The Importance Of Trees

National Tree Day

This week many students from YPCC travelled by bus to Windemere to take part in planting trees for National Tree Planting Day.
Being part of the Outdoor Ed team we spend a lot of time surrounded by trees, but what exactly do they do? They do more than simply make the environment look great!
Outdoor Ed team visit this website: http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/eco_info/topics/forests/index.cfm and answer the following questions:
1.What are the benefits of trees?
2. What is the main threat to our forests in Australia?
3. Name 2 interesting facts that you found on the Ecokids website.

Keep up the great work guys!

10 thoughts on “Outdoor Ed – The Importance Of Trees

  1. 1.The benefit of trees is to give o2 into the world.
    2.The threat to trees is clearing plants and trees for crops and farming.
    3.Canada has10% of the world’s forests. A plant starts with a seed and forms into a tree and worms helps the tree grow.

  2. 1. Trees give us clean air when we give them water to grow.
    2. Men cutting down trees is the biggest threat to forests.
    3.-29.7% of the worlds land area is covered by forest. About 10% of the forest is in Canada.
    -On average, a broad-leafed tree will absorb about 10 kg of CO2 per year.

  3. 1 Trees take co2 and release o2 so we have clean air
    2 People cutting down trees is the biggest threat.
    3 A seed needs food, water and the sun. Trees have been around for million of years.

  4. 1 Trees take in dirty air and they give us clean air
    2 People cut down trees for more area, farms and wood.
    3 There are two types of trees – evergreen and deciduous.
    4 a forest has lots of animals and trees.

  5. 1. trees take in co2 and brings out o2 which is clean oxygen.
    2. People cut down tree.
    3. tree come in different sizes

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