34 thoughts on “It’s Snowing!!

  1. I think the snow was unreal today because I have never seen it before!
    What do you think of the snow? I loved it. Did you?
    Snow is like a feather floating from the sky…it’s white and felt wet, like water.

    • The snow looked pretty and the snow is now gone.
      I wish the snow was still here and every day. I just think it was so pretty.

  2. I have never seen snow before and I am eight years old!
    It was fun. I threw a snowball at Camden’s back. My hands were cold.
    The snow was white and cold. It was exciting and different.

  3. No I have not see snow In my whole entire life.
    I think the snow was cool and fun to play in.
    I was excited and happy.
    The snow was cold, white, wet, different, fun and new.
    Our soccer pitch was filled with snow!

  4. I have never ever seen snow in my life and I am 9 years old.
    Well, I thought that it was amazing and really exiting to see snow for my first time.
    Ok, so, snow looks white and it is soft but it could go hard when you squeeze the snow.

  5. I have seen snow before here and in Melbourne.
    I thought the snow was cool and exciting.
    The snow was white, soft and felt like a feather. It was wet too!

  6. I have never seen snow in my life and it was fun.
    I thought the snow was exciting.
    The snow was white and FREEZING cold.

  7. Have you seen snow before? I think it is cool. I have seen at mount boolu.
    I think it was cool.
    The snow was floating from sky.

  8. Yes I have seen snow before. I went to Churchill with Mum, Dad, Chole, Kendra, Heidi and Pop and we went in the snow. It was very cold and wet. It was white and we had fun.

  9. It was so cool to see the snow today and to see lots of excited people looking out of windows at the snow. I have seen snow a few times in my life and although I like it…I don’t really like how cold it has to be to snow!
    I think snow is like little bits of vanilla ice-cream falling down from the sky.

  10. Today it snowed.It was AMAZING because it has never snowed as far as I know. I think it was very cool and interesting. I have never seen snow in my life…it was like OMG!!!!!!

  11. OMG… it snowed! I have never ever seen snow before. It was magical as it fell from the sky like a feather and it looked like a white mushrooms. I could see a car covered all over with snow. When we went to the football clinic some of the kids threw snowballs. There was a puddle and it froze into ice.

    • It sure was magical Camden. It was only the second time that I have seen snow falling from the sky before and I was absolutely amazed! I love your simile of the snow looking like mushrooms! You are spot on!

  12. I know it snowed it and it was so cool! Pod2 and Pod3 went out and some pod 2 kids made snow balls. It was so cool. I wish it happens again.

  13. I have “NOW” seen snow 2 times now. I think the snow looked like little bits of Vanilla ice cream was falling from the sky.

  14. Today it snowed and it was the best thing I have ever seen in my life! It was like angels falling from the sky. I have never seen snow before. I think seeing the snow was awesome and I really want to see it again.

  15. It was exciting that we got to go outside and get to run around in the snow. It was the first time I have ever seen snow before.

    • It was very exciting and special wasn’t it Angel! I loved seeing how happy and excited everyone was dancing out in the snow.

  16. Today we saw snow! It was freezing cold and it was the first time I had seen snow in Ballarat. On the ground it looked like a white carpet. In the air it looked like white, icy bombs were dropping!

  17. Today we saw snow it was like little mashmellows. It was so soft. We got to go outside it was pretty cool to touch. I got a litte bit in my mouth everyone was running around the soccer pitch. pretty nice to see with your eyes.

  18. Today it was snowing in
    Ballarat it was a great experience for the kids to learn.
    Yes i have not seen snow. I thought the snow was fun but cold.

    • What a formal and mature way to write Shaquillya. I am sure that it was an ‘experience’ that both teachers and kids will remember for ever.

  19. Today we were eating lunch then Mr Paige said “Its a wet day timetable because its snowing have a look outside”.So everyone rushed to their bags and put their lunch away and ran outside. It looked so, so amazing. Everyone thought it was incredible it also went into my mouth and it melted just like that.Some kids were rolling through the snow.

  20. I thought the snow was amazing.
    It floated so softly and lightly from the sky gently finding a bed to lie on. It was exciting but oh so cold. It crunched when I walked on it.

  21. I have never seen the snow before and it is so beautiful. it fell on the ground so softly and carefully. as well the kids and adults ware so happy …………

  22. Snow day!!! What an awesome day! Wanted to make a snow angel but didnt want to catch a cold. Enjoyed dancing in the snow singing “Let it Go” and “Do you want to Build a Snowman” It was Frozen! I think I saw Orlof.

    • I wish I got to hear you sing Tim, we don’t hear that enough. Snow brings so much happiness. More snow days I say!

  23. I am so glad I got to see the snow with all of Pod 2 on Friday. Some people spend their whole lives without seeing any snow. It was so great to see so many happy people. Who would have thought something so cold could bring so much happiness. I agree with Liam, the snow was like freezing cold white feathers floating down to the ground. Only to vanish once the sun came back out.

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