Orienteering In Outdoor Ed

Today the boys from Outdoor Ed had their first go at orienteering. Once the boys got the hang of using a map they did really well to complete the course set up around the school.

For people who may not know what orienteering is about, have a go at answering these questions:

1: What is orienteering?
2: What was the hardest part about completing the course?
3: Next week we are going to Pax Hill to do some orienteering in the bush. What are the 2 things you are looking forward to most about this excursion?

Good job boys!

6 thoughts on “Orienteering In Outdoor Ed

  1. 1 Orienting is a sport where you use a compass and a map so that way you can find hidden things.
    2 The hardest thing was to learn how to to use a compass with a map.
    3.Two things I’m looking forward to is going for long walks and exploring the bush.

  2. Tody in outdoor ed we did orienteering. It is mapping and finding treasure. The hardest part of it was finding the treasure. What I am looking foreword to next week is finding the tags. The other thing I am looking foreword to is the animals in the bush.

  3. 1. Orienteering is mapping because we use a map to find things.
    2. The hardest part was looking for the hidden things.
    3. I am looking forward to going in the bush because we get to look at different animals.

  4. Today the Outdoor Ed boys did orienteering. You have to use a map

    The hardest thing was finding the pieces on the map.

    I am looking forward to doing orienteering in the bush and trying not to get lost.

  5. Orienteering means using a map to find things.

    The hardest bit was trying to work together.

    The thing I want to do at Pax Hill is to find treasures and working as a team.

  6. Wow, sounds great boys. I love how you are doing the blog posts after your morning activity. It is a great way to share your experiences. Good luck next week at Pax Hill.

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