Pax Hill Orienteering

IMG_0765Today the Outdoor Ed group travelled to Pax Hill to have a go at orienteering in the bush. The boys had to use maps to navigate their way around the Pax Hill bush in small teams and find the hidden markers. After completing the orienteering we were lucky enough to explore the site and have a go at the challenge course and the mine.
A great morning had by all!

Boys, a few questions:

1. What was the hardest part of orienteering in the bush?
2. What did you enjoy most about orienteering?
3. What was the most enjoyable thing you did at Pax Hill?
4. Who do you think demonstrated good leadership skills at Pax Hill and why?

7 thoughts on “Pax Hill Orienteering

  1. 1 Trying to find the posts and not getting whipped by the plants and not getting prickled.
    2.To take long walks about the bush and enjoy mother nature .
    3 Going mining, playing forty four home and the obstacle course were my favourite things.
    4 The one I liked was Camden because he shared good ideas and tactics to me.

  2. 1.The hardest part of Pax Hill orienteering was finding the stamps.

    2.My favourite thing was working with Jordon to find the markers.

    3.My favourite thing was going into the mine.

    4. The best leader was Jordon because Jordon was helping look for the stamps and he was a good team mate.

  3. 1. The hardest part was running to look for the stamps.
    2. The best part was working in a team.
    3. In the mine and it was very hard.
    4. Austin was a great leader because he used the torch to help find our way through the mine.

  4. 1. The hardest part of orienteering was reading the map. The arrow pointed to north.
    2. The best part was woking with Jayden to find the markers.
    3. My favorite part was when we went into the underground mine.
    4. In my team was Jayden and he was a good leader because he helped me when I hurt my leg.

  5. 1. The hardest part of orienteering was finding the marks.
    2. I loved when I had to run through the bush.
    3. My favourite part was when we got to go through the mine.
    4. I think Jordan was a good leader because I wasn’t on his team but he was still helping me.

    • Wow, sounds like you all had a great day. How fantastic to hear boys from other teams were helping out their competitors.

  6. 1. The hardest part of orienteering was finding the numbers on the map.

    2. I enjoyed the sprinting and jumping like a kangaroo through the bush.

    3. My favourite thing at Pax Hill was going into the mine and army crawling followed by being an army soldier on the obstacle course.

    4. Memphis was a good leader because he never leaves a soldier behind.

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