Team Lego

Throughout Term 3 a group of students have been working hard on creating and inventing things out of Lego.

Below you will find a slideshow with Lego creations our team is quite proud of.

Our Lego on PhotoPeach

Lego Team
Our subscribers are probably very interested to know about your hard work.
In the comments section please let them know:
1. What your creation is
2. Why you made it (what inspired you)
3. Any extra information you’d like to share

Asian Language Festival

Today students from pod 2 who have shown a keen interest in Korean got to visit the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne and participate in an Asian Language Festival with other schools from across the state.

We were taken on a quick tour of the Art Gallery before settling down to watch a performance of Asian dances.

It was a great day and everyone took home something new.

Tyler “I learnt that on when dragons are on Chinese clothing, the more claws the dragon has, the more powerful the person is.”
Lochlan “I learnt were the Art Gallery is in Melbourne.”
Jack “My favourite thing was the Vietnamese Buddhist dance that we saw at the end. It was calming.”
Zavier “I learnt about all the strange art work.”
Leah “I liked watching all the different dances.”

Asian Language Festival on PhotoPeach

Aboriginal Games!


Today the Outdoor Ed group played a range of traditional aboriginal games. Tyson, Jayden and Austin had just returned from the Narmbool camp and had learnt about 3 traditional aboriginal games and shared their knowledge with the group.

Read below to learn about some of the games. Outdoor Ed boys, read and answer the questions so we can share these great games.

Tyson and Camden: WEM (Aboriginal Marbles)

Austin and Memphis: PAN (Aboriginal Swords)

Jayden and Codi: KOI (Aboriginal Ball Game)


1. What was the name of the game?
2. What equipment do you need and how do you set it up?
3. How do you play the game?
4. Why did the aboriginals play this game and what did they use?

Bushwalking In Creswick

Today the Outdoor Ed group made their way to Creswick’s St George Lake. Upon arrival we headed east to the Koala park and attempted to find some Koala’s. Unfortunately we didn’t find any of the sleepy animals in the trees although we had a good time following The Goldfields Walking Track through the bush.


Please reflect on this morning’s journey and answer the following questions:

1. What direction did we travel from Ballarat to get to Creswick? (Hint, you may have to use google maps to find out)

2. What was the St George’s Lake and Eason’s Dam used for originally?

3. The Koala Park was built in 1942 for a few reasons. What were they?

4. Can you name the types of tree’s that koala’s live in, and also what type of leaves they eat?

Good work boys!

Watermelons and Seeds


Over the past week or so we’ve been talking a lot about watermelon ideas and seed ideas when we’re brainstorming for our writing.
Here is a bit of a reminder:

watermelon v seed

watermelon v seed

Now to test your skills…
Use this Padlet to think of a watermelon idea, a seed idea and three events that might happen within this idea. You might even want to use this seed to grow your next writing topic……

Happy Book Day!!


Today is Multi-Age Book Day at YPCC.

It is when the whole school comes together and works in multi age groups to read new and exciting books and do a fun activity.

Book Day on PhotoPeach

What was the best book that you celebrated today?
Who was the author?
Why was it your favourite book?