Happy Book Day!!


Today is Multi-Age Book Day at YPCC.

It is when the whole school comes together and works in multi age groups to read new and exciting books and do a fun activity.

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What was the best book that you celebrated today?
Who was the author?
Why was it your favourite book?

30 thoughts on “Happy Book Day!!

  1. Today my favourite book was the Dirty Dinosaur by Janeen Brian. It was my favourite book because the book was very, very Dirty and it looked like there were finger prints all over it. It was very gross it was black and brown colours.

  2. Today my favourite book was Hooti the Cutie becuase in the book Hooti the cutie was brave enough to go into the cave and rescue a green baby dragon.

  3. Today my favourite book was King Pig because it was funny because the sheep got ink on them. The pig was bossy and i can relate to the book. The Author is Nick Blade.

  4. My favourite book from today was Hootie the Cutie because its about a father who cares about his little girl who is named Hootie.It kind of relates with me and my mum and the little owl is a cutie.

  5. The best book that I read today was Banjo and Ruby Red. I dont know the authors name because are teacher didn’t announce it. Banjo and Ruby Red was my favourite book because it was set on a farm and I like farms and have been to a dairy farm before and there were pigs and the people became rich.

  6. My favoiurite book is Hootie the Cutie because Hootie try to do things but her Dad says you are too small to do that. then she found a cave and she went inside and found a dragon.

  7. My favourite book today was Hootie the Cutie because Hootie trIes to do things that are a little dangerous for her. Her dad says ‘you’re too small to do that ‘.Then she does something that changes her dad’s mind she finds a baby dragon in a cave and helps it. Her dad was scared. Even her dad would not even do that.

  8. The windy farm.
    I liked the windy farm because the people live on a windy hill and at the end they get a bigger house with a waiter gets them things they want and there uncle blows away.

  9. Today we went to pod1 to do some activities. We read a book called the windy farm. We made some wind mills and we came to the floor to share our work.

  10. The best book for me was King pig because
    King pig was greedy to all the sheep, and soon King pig found out if you want to be cool be kind. This book was good for teaching kids to have friends you have to be kind.

  11. My favourite book is Hootie The Cutie it was about a owl that was brave but her dad cares about her. At the end of the book Hootie saw a hole, she go’s in the hole and saw a dragon crying with flames out his nose and she save’s the dragon.

  12. My favourite book was King Pig, it was about a pig that was selfish and fat. He had a lot of sheep that were his slaves. He used them for a mop to clean his kingdom and make them wash him in the bath or shower. One day it was raining and King Pig was inside his kingdom all nice a warm. The sheep were in a small tent outside in the cold. The next day when the sun came out he ask why they didn’t like him and they said you make us do everything so King Pig went inside and made warm coats for the sheep. After we read it we made pig cookies, they were YUM.

  13. My favourite book was King Pig because the story was about a snoby pig that was king and not very nice to his people ( sheep ). At the end of the book he sheered all the sheep and made himself fab ( to him maybe ) clothing he put on a fashion show but when he went to take a bow now one was looking and he decided to do something for them….. and he did! He made all the sheep a night gown that matches his. Now all of the people ( sheep ) are friends.

    The activity we did was making a pig out of a marie biscut, pink icing, a big marsh mallow, two small marsh mallows, special icing that comes out in a line and a sour strap shaped as a crown. When you have finished it will look like a pig ( if you do the write things that is ).


    1. wash your hands
    2. get your biscut
    3.spred the pink icing all over the marie biscut
    4. stick the big marshmallow in the middle of the iced marie biscut
    4. stick the two miny marshmallows on the top
    5. put the sour crown in the middle of the two tiny marsh mallows
    6. decorate the marie biscut with the special icing like eyes, snout,mouth and use a carrot or a cucumber as a swirly curley tail.

  14. The swap. In this book the sister swapped a crocodile for 2 baby tigers. The animals were angry. The mum thought the sister did a good job. Oakley

  15. The windy farm I liked this story because it , s
    cool and it was so fan. Uncle Jeff flew away.
    Because of the wind.
    In the end they became very rich and bought
    a new house. It was cool.

  16. My favourite book was Parachute the
    author was Danny Parker
    The kid in the story had a parachute he wore it everywhere he went. He wore it at school and at the zoo. He wore it to bed and when he ate breakfast. He would not take off his parachute. One day he did to save his cat.

  17. My favourite book was Hootie the Cutie by Michelle Worthington.
    The book was about a cute owl and her dad who would not let her do anything fun like fly with pixies.

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