Bushwalking In Creswick

Today the Outdoor Ed group made their way to Creswick’s St George Lake. Upon arrival we headed east to the Koala park and attempted to find some Koala’s. Unfortunately we didn’t find any of the sleepy animals in the trees although we had a good time following The Goldfields Walking Track through the bush.


Please reflect on this morning’s journey and answer the following questions:

1. What direction did we travel from Ballarat to get to Creswick? (Hint, you may have to use google maps to find out)

2. What was the St George’s Lake and Eason’s Dam used for originally?

3. The Koala Park was built in 1942 for a few reasons. What were they?

4. Can you name the types of tree’s that koala’s live in, and also what type of leaves they eat?

Good work boys!

7 thoughts on “Bushwalking In Creswick

  1. We travelled north to get there.

    It was used for gold mining in the 1850s.

    It was built to keep the predators out and keep the koala’s safe.

    They eat gum leaves and the tree was gum trees.

  2. 1.We travelled north to the koala park where we did some bush walking.
    2.The few reasons to have the fence was to to keep predators out of the fence and to keep the koalas safe.
    3. What the dam was used in 1942 for was for washing the rock so they could find the gold in the dirt.
    4.The leaves that koalas eat is gum leaves and they live in gum trees.

  3. 1. We went north to Creswick Park
    2. They used the water to break the stone to find gold.
    3. It was built to keep the koalas safe.
    4. The koalas eat gum leaves and live in gum trees.

  4. 1.we went Bushwalking In Creswick
    and it was north.
    2.they used the lake goldmining
    3. to keep the dogs out and keep the koalas safe.
    4. Koalas live in gumtrees and gum leaves

  5. We travelled north east to get there.
    The lake was used for mining gold.
    The koala park was built to keep dogs out and to keep the koalas safe.
    Koalas eat gum leaves and sleep in gum trees.

  6. 1 We travelled north east to get to Creswick.
    2.They used the lake for gold mining.
    3.They built it to keep the koalas safe from dogs.
    4. Koalas live in gum trees and they eat gum leaves.

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